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Fun Project – U.S. Rail Map

You can take the train to a lot of places in the United States. Specifically, 1,624 places in 46 states. The map you see above shows them: All of the stations on the 25 passenger railroads serving the Lower 48 … Continue reading

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The Coolest Greenway in New York

Check it out! This is definitely the coolest greenway in all of New York City. It is the Hell Gate Pathway (according to signs along the path) or Randall’s Island Connector (according to media references) underneath Amtrak’s monumental Hell Gate … Continue reading

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OMG. This is horrible. Every time I see a burned out car parked on the street, I think, How can something like this happen? What bizarre series of events could have led to this?

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Plaza Finally Opens at the Bronx County Hall of Justice

The Bronx County Hall of Justice opened in the spring of 2007, but the public plaza surrounding the building remained hidden behind decaying one-story-tall blue plywood fences for six years. The fencing came down within the last few weeks. Now … Continue reading

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Legitimate Cabs for the Outer Boroughs

I am ecstatically happy that the New York Court of Appeals has ruled that Mayor Bloomberg’s outer borough taxi plan, as approved by the NY State Legislature and Governor Cuomo, is legal. The plan had been held up by unnecessary … Continue reading

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New Modes of Transportation for NYC

As a Bronx resident, I’m casting a jealous eye down to East River waterfront neighborhoods in Brooklyn and Queens, which are benefiting from two great new forms of transportation, Citi Bike, and the East River Ferry. Both have long-term nebulous … Continue reading

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Bicycle Parking Needed

LOL. Here’s a sign that there isn’t enough bicycle parking at this spot. Yet, it also highlights the versatility of the bike, as it can be parked virtually anywhere. Photo from Madison Avenue in Midtown, near 46th Street.

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Manhattan Motorcycling: A Cautionary Tale

I work in east Midtown, Manhattan, an area abundantly well served trains and buses. So four days a week I ride the train like everybody else. Or sometimes I catch the express bus to try to spice up the routine. … Continue reading

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Focus on Infrastructure: New Willis Avenue Bridge

The new Willis Avenue Bridge, now nearly complete, has made it easier for pedestrians, cyclists, and motorists to travel between the Bronx and Manhattan. For motorists, there is now a huge flyover ramp directly connecting the bridge to the northbound … Continue reading

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Manhattan Waterfront Greenway Expanding Along Harlem River

It looks like crews are working to fill in one of the last big gaps of the Manhattan Waterfront Greenway – the segment between roughly East 124th Street and East 133rd Street. Most of this segment has been a staging … Continue reading

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