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Fun Project – U.S. Rail Map

You can take the train to a lot of places in the United States. Specifically, 1,624 places in 46 states. The map you see above shows them: All of the stations on the 25 passenger railroads serving the Lower 48 … Continue reading

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A South Bronx Rail Yard Is Reborn

Much attention over the past decade has been given to two huge development projects that are underway to build above rail yards in the far west side of Manhattan and at Atlantic Yards in Brooklyn. In the midst of all … Continue reading

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2008: A Boom Year for U.S. Passenger Railroads

Two thousand eight may have been a bad year for the economy, but it was a great year for the United States’ passenger railroads, notwithstanding the horrific crash in Chatsworth, Calif., on Sept. 12 that killed 25 people. Nearly every … Continue reading

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America’s Thriving Passenger Railroads

The Long Island Rail Road is the busiest passenger railroad in the United States. (Photo by David Wong / The American Public Transportation Association released its 2007 ridership statistics last week. The regional railroad statistics (pdf) show the numbers … Continue reading

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