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Upstate Mini-Vacation

Starts & Fits took a day trip upstate over the weekend, visiting Cooperstown and Roxbury to gather data for the Henry J. Hardenbergh Architectural Database. In Roxbury, my girlfriend and I took photographs of the Jay Gould Memorial Reformed Church … Continue reading

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The Sins of Wal-Mart

Robert Greenwald’s documentary film on Wal-Mart is being shown at screenings across the nation this week. With personal stories told by former and current employees, customers and neighbors of Wal-Mart, and no shortage of pointed visuals, the film attacks the … Continue reading

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Presenting the Hardenbergh Database

It’s a little unnerving to see the Plaza dark at night, its entrances fenced off as the hotel undergoes conversion to an apartment building (but one with a hotel component!). As a designated city landmark, the Plaza’s French Renaissance facade, … Continue reading

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A Huge Win for the Second Avenue Subway

Construction of the Second Avenue Subway is looking more likely than ever in recent memory, and couldn’t be more excited. The total cost of the first segment to be built (in the Upper East Side) is reported to be … Continue reading

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A New Subway Line is Within Reach

Reporters in trench coats and fedora hats and photographers with giant flash bulbs surrounded Mayor Fiorello La Guardia underground on the evening of Saturday, Dec. 14, 1940. Standing at the brand new Herald Square subway station, the Mayor said snipped … Continue reading

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Bloomberg for Mayor

Either one of the two leading candidates for mayor, Michael R. Bloomberg and Fernando Ferrer, would make a good leader. Mr. Ferrer led the Bronx through a tremendous economic revitalization that he may rightly take some of the credit for. … Continue reading

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