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High Gas Prices: A Result of High Demand for Gas

The news media is saturated with reports of motorists complaining about high gas prices. It’s probably been on every TV newscast and every newspaper recently. (The Sunday N.Y. Times had a detailed look at motorist behavior across the country and … Continue reading

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Tips for Saving Energy: Society Edition

For the next three days I’ll be attending a conference that will look into the future of the United States energy supply and ways any energy shortfalls could be mitigated. My preferred solution is for people to continue to revitalize … Continue reading

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Jane Jacobs, 1916-2006

Jane Jacobs at City College, May 6, 2004 There have been many days when I have traveled through the city, looked at bleak towers-in-the-park(ing lots), or too-wide streets, or empty or forlorn city spaces, and have thought, “Thank God for … Continue reading

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Housing the Rich and the Poor in New York

Fifty protesters from ACORN crashed an open house at 85 Adams Street (nearing completion today at right) in DUMBO yesterday to protest the city’s 421(a) tax abatement program designed to encourage residential construction. That program was started in the 1970s … Continue reading

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A Sunday in Pictures: Accidents Happen

I walked up to 14th Street and Eighth Avenue today because I was excited to bring you the first look at the brand new buffered bike lane that Transportation Alternatives announced last week. (Aaron Naparstek isn’t celebrating.) When I got … Continue reading

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The Bronx’s Green Housing Boom

Photo courtesy of Larry Raccioppo/HPD When President Jimmy Carter famously visited the Bronx in October 1977, the Times began its coverage this way: President Carter, in New York on United Nations affairs, made a sudden and dramatic trip yesteray morning … Continue reading

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Starts & Fits Goes Corporate

Folks, I’m going to experiment with some ads on this site. They’ll be text-only and will appear on the main page and in the archives. I think they will be different for different users as well. Hopefully they’ll be able … Continue reading

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See Ya!

The New York Sun had an interesting story yesterday about gas stations that are closing on the West Side, in part because of the Department of City Planning’s recent upzoning of West Chelsea. The article mentions four* gas stations that … Continue reading

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