New York’s "Other" Subway: the PATH

People often forget that New York has an entire, decent-sized subway system that isn’t run by the MTA. It’s got only six stops in Manhattan, but it just may be the best thing going in the event of a transit strike on Friday.

In the unfortunate event of a strike, people who like walking should use PATH trains instead of fighting traffic above ground. The PATH takes pay-per-ride MetroCards, and would run special, uncharacteristically New York-centric service during a strike in addition to its regular routes. This won’t help much beyond Manhattan’s core central business districts, but that’s where things will be most chaotic anyway. Look at it this way: It’s kind of like taking the F or the V and transferring to the A or the C to Chambers Street. But instead of having to transfer at West 4th Street, you get two “bonus” stops over in Jersey (Pavonia-Newport and Exchange Place).

- Special PATH Weekday Service in Case of NYC Transit Strike [Port Authority PDF warning!]

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2 Responses to New York’s "Other" Subway: the PATH

  1. Anonymous says:

    Always the optomist, Aaron. I love it. Would it be unethical to ride the PATH tomorrow with no pressing need to do so; only a desire to get two bonus stops in NJ?

  2. AD says:

    Hmmm. That’s in the gray area. I’ll let you know if it “feels” ethical when I’m doing it tomorrow.