1 Sentence, 5&#189 Errors

Here’s something that just came across the Starts & Fits transom and is too funny to ignore. It’s a dispatch in Real Estate Weekly, which bills itself, redundantly, as “The Only Weekly Real Estate Newspaper in the U.S. Serving America’s #1 Market.”

On p. 2R of the current issue, an unsigned article about 2002 Fifth Avenue, an apartment building under construction at West 124th Street in Harlem and rendered at right, begins:

Across from Marcus Garvey Park, a lush public square which spans 117th to 121st Streets at Sixth Avenue in East Harlem, 24 stylish and elegant residences are beginning to rise.

That sentence, the first in the article, is so wrong in so many ways that I felt it was my duty as a former resident of a building on Marcus Garvey Park (which all the long-time residents call Mt. Morris Park) to offer the necessary corrections.

1) “… a lush public square …″ The park’s lushness is a matter of some dispute. It might or might not be lush, depending on how you want to look at it (I actually think it’s quite pleasant in there, and, indeed, lush). Given the differences of opinion, though, I’d have stayed away from that word. Call this one the half error.

2, 3) “… which spans 117th to 121st Streets …″ Where are they getting these numbers from? The park starts at 120th Street, and ends at 124th Street (where the building is). If the editors didn’t feel like heading all the way up to Harlem to check this, they could have looked at a map.

4) “… at Sixth Avenue …″ Actually, the park interrupts Fifth Avenue, and runs along the west side of Madison Avenue for four blocks. So either of those would have worked. But even if the geography was right, there is no “Sixth Avenue” in Harlem. The avenue one block west of Fifth hasn’t been named Sixth in more than a hundred years. These days, it’s either Lenox Avenue or Malcolm X Boulevard (depending more on how long you’ve lived in the neighborhood than on your interest in supporting the legacies of either the 19th century philanthropist or the civil rights leader).

5) “… in East Harlem …″ You could make the argument that Marcus Garvey Park is technically in East Harlem because of the way it straddles Fifth Avenue, and because it’s included in Spanish Harlem’s Community District 11, but, really, Marcus Garvey Park is in (central) Harlem.

6) “… at Sixth Avenue in East Harlem …″ Sixth Avenue, where it exists, is on the West Side of Manhattan. How could a Sixth Avenue north of 110th Street be in East Harlem?

Clearly, this article was put together with absolutely zero fact checking, or even the most basic understanding of New York geography. Given all these errors, are we really to believe that the 24 residences will be “stylish and elegant”?

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3 Responses to 1 Sentence, 5&#189 Errors

  1. Anonymous says:

    This is hilarious. I love the fact that somebody finally corrected RE Weekly on all of their crap reporting or rather non-reporting.

  2. Anonymous says:

    It’s not even a condo…its a co-op

  3. Anonymous says:

    Construction is now (April 28, 2006) just about complete. They have even brought in the weight-lifting equipment for the building’s gym. From the outside, it is not an attractive building, but it could be a lot worse. It is short enough not to block all the light into the park, and the upper floors seem to have big terraces.

    A friend of a friend bought one of the penthouses, so I hope to check it out after he moves in.