Projects Moving Forward

Today there is good news on two fronts and ominous news on a third.

First, the Cathedral Church of St. John the Divine is proceeding with plans to allow construction on its large underused grounds. A new apartment building, as I’ve written before, would enliven a dreary corner (pictured), bring patrons to local businesses and finance the preservation of a beautiful Gothic marvel. Years of deferred maintenance have quite obviously taken their toll on the unfinished cathedral, and here is a win-win-win remedy.

Second, the mayor and governor announced that the city and state (supported by about a gazillion politicians) will include a Metro-North station at the new Yankee Stadium! This is a complete about-face from just a couple of weeks ago. The sheer logic of the need for a rail station there, and all the blogging, must have changed people’s minds.

Third, Atlantic Yards. My general inclination is to support projects that create housing, office or recreation space near mass transit, which is exactly what Bruce Ratner wants to put atop the subway hub and LIRR terminal at Flatbush and Atlantic. But Aaron Naparstek raises a number of reasons not to support the Atlantic Yards development. In what is probably very analogous to what was proposed for Yankee Stadium, this project seems to be taking on a number of automobile-oriented, traffic-generating characteristics. Talk of squandering such a one-in-a-million opportunity is enough to make one cringe. You should have a look at Aaron’s thoughtful observations.

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4 Responses to Projects Moving Forward

  1. peakguy says:

    Nets, Yankees should embrace the NASCAR Plan of giving tickets that include the mode of transportation. It is perhaps the most sane arrangement as Aaron Naparstek has pointed out before.

  2. jlo says:

    While promises from the governor and mayor were welcome news, the fight for a Metro North station at Yankee Stadium is hardly won yet. There’s still no money dedicated to the project in the MTA’s 5-year Capital Plan and even with the expected MTA board backing on the 26th of this month, it could still get derailed by the state legislature or local interests in the neighborhood.

  3. Mitch says:

    On NPR Morning Edition today, a man who grew up near Yankee Stadium in the early 40s told how he used to collect Yankee autographs: he waited by the subway entrance and caught the players as they came to work.

    Can you imagine that? Yankees taking the subway, and signing autographs for kids, for free.

    I don’t imagine that happens much anymore.

  4. AD says:

    Great points. But isn’t the neighborhood largely supportive of the rail station? I thought they were advocating for it.

    Thanks. That makes me nostalgic for a time I never knew. Wow, how professional sports have changed.

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