Every Block of Every Street in Manhattan

Sheridan Square, 1988.

Startsandfits.com recently enjoyed Waterfront, by Philip Lopate, a great recent addition to the canon of New York City walking-around literature. Another great addition to that canon — this one using digital photographs and shoe leather — is being produced every month by my friend Bob, who runs Coffeedrome.com, a website that contains my photo tour of Central Park West.

Bob is walking every block in Manhattan, and taking wonderful photographs as he goes. (Bob’s photo at right is of my favorite building in Times Square, the Knickerbocker Hotel.)

In 1988, Bob walked every block south of 42nd Street, a 310-mile amble that took him past Sheridan Square (pictured above). Bob retired last year, and now he’s finishing the job by walking every street in Manhattan north of 42nd Street. Check in and follow along as he makes progress. (He’s up to 86th Street.)

For any Upper West Side trivia buffs who may be passing this way: Here’s a question that came to light because of Bob’s walk. There’s a one-block street west of West End Avenue that connects 63rd and 64th Streets that doesn’t have any street signs at it. Local.live.com calls it “W 63rd St.” Google maps doesn’t give it a name. The unlinkable New York City Map Portal calls it E TOWER DR. Does anybody know if that is correct? Bob is assuming it is, for now.

- Bob’s Walk [Coffeedrome: Always Open, Never Closed]
- 40.77o N & 73.99o W [Local.live.com]
- 40.77o N & 73.99o W [Google maps]
- Waterfront by Philip Lopate [Gothamist]

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4 Responses to Every Block of Every Street in Manhattan

  1. Anonymous says:

    Hagstrom’s New York City 5 Borough Pocket Atlas also has it as E Tower Dr.

  2. AD says:

    O.K. I guess that’s what it is then.


  3. Mitch says:

    I Googled “East Tower Drive Manhattan” and found a 1992 New York Times article about the Brodsky Organization, which created East Tower Drive as part of a development project:

    “THE project would also provide at developer expense a new 1.25-acre park from 63d to 64th Streets, extending from West End Avenue to a new street 240 feet to the west called East Tower Drive. “

    So the mystery is solved. The only remaining mystery is the name itself: why is a street at the western edge of Manhattan called East Tower Drive?

  4. AD says:

    HAHAHA. Mitch, great find. But it sure does raise a great question. Now I think we’re going to have to research that now.