A Clone Outgrows Its Parent

Since everyone’s attention is at Ground Zero today, I thought it would be fitting to look at the residential tower rising at 10 Barclay Street, just north of the site and towering next to the Woolworth Building. As The Sun has noted, this bad boy is going up fast.

Here is another photo:

Think that’s a shot of 10 Barclay? Nope. That’s the Grand Tier at 1930 Broadway, a building between 64th and 65th Streets that the developer of 10 Barclay, Glenwood Management, completed about a year or two ago. Here’s a picture with more of it:

From these early indications, 10 Barclay Street is going to look identical to the Grand Tier. Not surprisingly, they were designed by the same firm, Costas Kondylis & Partners. Here are a couple of close ups of 10 Barclay, so you can really see it:

And finally, another overall view.

Regardless of its similarities to a (rather boring)* building uptown, it’s great to see construction of a building that will bring 396 apartments to revitalize this part of the city.

*Boring, yes, but I do like the way 1930′s base maintains the street wall for the first six floors and provides good neighborhood retail.

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2 Responses to A Clone Outgrows Its Parent

  1. futurebird says:

    Wow. This is HOT.

  2. NYCity luxury says:

    It did go up fast! And as of 4/08, the Barclay Tower was almost filled.