Yankees Add Huge Amount of Bike Parking

Does someone at the Yankees read Streetsblog? Maybe someone at the NYC Parks Department? Either way, Streetsblog followed Sports Illustrated in pointing out that there was no official bike parking at Yankee Stadium, but CitiField had 10 racks. Now, bike parking has been added at Yankee Stadium — in a big way. Before I get to the big reveal, a bit of history.

Previously, the closest place to lock up a bike was on the Walton Avenue side of the Bronx County Courthouse between 161st and 158th Streets, as seen here while the Bronx was mopping up from the last snowstorm in February:

That rack is two blocks east of the stadium. It offers the capacity basically for four bikes comfortably. (You could squeeze two more in there using the Hunter College Method, which involves hoisting the front tire up over the top of the loop.)

Now, baseball fans who ride to the game will get better parking spaces than any motorist. Bike parking has been installed in the most prime spaces in the garage that has been built directly across 161st Street from the New Yankee Stadium’s main entrance. The arrow in this photo below, taken from the 4-train platform at 161st & River, points to where the bike parking is located.

Here’s a closer view of the garage, which has a park on its roof.

How much bike parking is in there? What form does it take? We’re talking about more than a couple of racks. Here’s are the best two photos I could get through the fence:

I counted 34 bike racks in the front, and another six around the corner, for a total of 40 racks. Each rack should hold four bikes comfortably, so the Yankees now have formal bike parking for 160 bikes. This seems like a great way to encourage fans to bike to the game, making what should be a natural link between healthy, invigorating transportation and watching a ball game.

And, as icing on the cake, as of last week, there is now parking for eight bikes at the new Yankees-E. 153rd Street Metro-North station (12 bikes if four people use the Hunter College Method).

Actually, make that the Yankees-E. 153rd Street Intermodal Hub.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Hunter College method?

  2. Susan says:

    At hunter the bike racks are packed with twice as many bikes by locking some of the bikes on top of the hump.

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