Critical Massing

Due to circumstances surrounding its former day job, has never participated in a Critical Mass ride, despite eight years of avid city cycling. However, I am looking forward to changing that this New Year’s Eve in what promises to be an energetic, “rollicking” holiday massing, made more enthusiastic by a judge siding with bike riders last Thursday and prohibiting the City from requiring that they get a permit for this ride. Some links:

New Year’s ’05 [Times Up!]

Denied! [jpreardon]

Critical Mass Bike Riders Don’t Need Permits [gothamist]

Judge: NYC Bike Riders Don’t Need Permits [New York Newsday]

Protesters Spun Their Wheels [New York magazine]

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One Response to Critical Massing

  1. Jason Solarek says:

    would love to see you on a bike this friday, Aaron. critical mass is a great cause.

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