"Three to Five Years"

The morning newspapers have confirmed news that is nothing short of devastating. The C train has ceased to exist and the A will run at one third capacity and travel to two extra stops: 155th and 163rd Streets. Normal service, we are told, won’t return for three to five years. But I have a suspicion it won’t be that long. The MTA is great about lowering expectations and then exceeding them. You have to believe that they will put everything they’ve got on getting this service back up. Service was restored way ahead of early estimates after the 9/11 terrorist attack crushed the 1 and 9 tunnel in Lower Manhattan, and they wrapped up the Manhattan Bridge overhaul months ahead of schedule, if I remember correctly, allowing the B and D to continue south of Herald Square in 2004. Don’t be surprised if the full A and C service is back in six months to a year.

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