2 Bits of Good News for the City

On a day of disastrous news for the subway, there are two pieces of good news for New York City. First, Mayor Bloomberg, by personally lobbying Verizon’s chief executive, has reportedly persuaded Verizon to keep its headquarters in the city! Secondly, the Daily News has broken a story about the mayor’s office helping to bring to fruition a 60-story mixed-use skyscraper planned for the corner of West 42nd Street and Dyer Avenue. Manhattan is all about skyscrapers. Each one helps increase the city’s uniqueness and set it apart from the vast Walmart/parking lot/gas station/drive-thru/cul-de-sac sameness that continues to spread throughout the rest of the country. As an environmental bonus, every skyscraper that you see in Manhattan represents acres of farmland or wilderness saved from suburban sprawl. The extent of the sprawl averted depends only on how many offices, stores or apartments can fit in the skyscraper.

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