What About Eighth Avenue Weekend Service?

So the C is curtailed for the moment. In the past, when the MTA has canceled C service for weekend maintenance, it has run the A as a local to pick up the slack. But now, the A service itself is limited. On weekdays, the V is being extended to pick up the C’s slack in Brooklyn, allowing the remaining A trains to run express there, while the B and the E are running normally and picking up most of the C’s slack in Manhattan. But the B and the V don’t run on the weekend. What’s going to happen? I think the MTA should run the B on weekends and extend it to the C’s tracks in Brooklyn. A new “weekend B” could run local from 168th Street or 145th Street down Central Park West and Sixth Avenue as usual until it would be diverted to share the F’s tunnel to Jay Street/Borough Hall. There, it would pick up the C’s route to Euclid Avenue as the V is doing on weekdays. This would allow the beleagured A to run express on weekends. Is anybody with me on this?

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Yes, I am with you! I thought this would be common sense on the part of the MTA, but god forbid they make anything easy for their customers.

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