A log about land use and transportation that is updated . . . from time to time
About Starts and Fits

Starts and Fits seeks to promote the idea that economic development in cities helps to preserve pristine natural and rural lands, and to highlight the connection between land use patterns and transportation problems. It is edited by Aaron Donovan, who loves both dense urban areas and untouched wilderness with equal passion. The site also takes an interest in architecture, real estate and urban planning in the New York metropolitan area. Aaron graduated with a master's degree in urban planning from Columbia University in 2004. He lives with his wife Susan in the Downtown Bronx.

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The logo image was taken in April 2004 from the top of 70 Pine Street, the American International Building, a slender and graceful Art Deco tower that tragically resumed its position as the tallest building in downtown Manhattan on Sept. 11, 2001. When I set up this website, I lived in an elegant and sturdy apartment building in Harlem, but now I live in the Financial District in Downtown Manhattan.

Starts and Fits is hosted by DB|Wired, which itself is hosted by the Twin Oaks Office Park in suburban Hartford, Conn.: