Great Architects of New York: Henry J. Hardenbergh
283 West 115th Street
283 West 115th Street /
2130 Frederick Douglass Boulevard
New York, N.Y. 10026
West 115th Street & Frederick Douglass Boulevard (Eighth Avenue), northeast corner
June 4, 1886, to March 31, 1887
Apartments and stores.
Landmark Status
Not landmarked.

A previously unknown gem I unearthed in the municipal archives in February 2007. This quirky apartment building is filled with spectacular, richly detailed brickwork and the occasional terra cotta frieze. It is adjacent to a plain structure also designed by Hardenbergh (see below).

Information about these buildings can be found under New Building permits 286 & 287 for 1886.

View from the southwest.

Romanesque arches dominate the focal point of the southern facade, facing West 115th Street.

Pigeons fail to recognize greatness.

A terra cotta panel.

This building has seen some tough times. The terra cotta window casings have been partially removed. The bulging brickwork functions as a cornice, but was there once a real one?

The west facade, facing Frederick Douglass Boulevard (Eighth Avenue).

Believe it or not, Hardenbergh also designed this building (2132-8 Frederick Douglass Boulevard), for offices and stores. Uses it retains, alongside the religious.