Great Architects of New York: Henry J. Hardenbergh
1845 Broadway
Broadway bet. W. 60th & 61st Sts., west side
Upper West Side / Columbus Circle Area
July 6, 1883, to April 15, 1884
Stores with a dance studio, offices and storage above
Landmark Status
Not landmarked

Hidden in plain sight, this struggling commercial building lies in the shadow of giant new buildings going up around it. I discovered this gem in February 2007 by combing through building permits. Hardenbergh designed this building for one Dr. J.H. Gantier, who nine years later commissioned him to design a now-demolished townhouse on upper West End Avenue. This building is so old it pre-dates the name of the street it is on. Before the name Broadway was extended north of Columbus Circle, the wide, park-enhanced road was simply called "The Boulevard." The original address for this building was 15-17 Boulevard.

Today, it survives solely by the grace of the real estate industry, which have not yet chosen to redevelop this and an adjacent underbuilt "soft site." Sandwiched between two huge new buildings, the Time Warner Center and 15 Central Park West, this building's days may be numbered.

1845 Broadway, a struggling commercial building holding on amid redevelopment.

For context, the Time Warner Center looms overhead, dwarfing Hardenbergh's modest old building. Sorry about the dusty lens.