Great Architects of New York: Henry J. Hardenbergh
28 & 30 East 92nd Street
East 92nd Street between Fifth & Madison Avenues, south side
New York, N.Y. 10128
Upper East Side / Carnegie Hill
Nov. 9, 1892, to April 20, 1895
Landmark Status
Within the expanded Carnegie Hill Historic District, designated in 1993.

These two well-preserved buildings were originally part of a row of six brownstones. The other four, at Nos. 20-26, were demolished in 1929 for the apartment building at 20 East 92nd Street to the west or right in this picture. I discovered these in August 2007 by combing through New York City building permits.

28 & 30 East 92nd Street.

A detail of in the upper floor ornament and cornice.