Great Architects of New York: Henry J. Hardenbergh
Jay Gould Memorial Reformed Church
53837 Main Street
Roxbury, N.Y. 12474
West of Main Street, on the north side of town.
English Gothic
Jay Gould Memorial Reformed Church
AIA Guide

From the center of town, the castle-like main spire of this church is visible at a distance, adding a certain medieval quality. Note the Tudor-style carriage house in the church's backyard. This is reminiscent of Hardenbergh's Alexander Johnston Hall at Rutgers University, and given the roofline and that the year of construction was the same as the church, my suspect it was designed by Hardenbergh as well. Jay Gould was a wealthy railroad owner (read: robber baron) of the late 19th century, not to be confused with Stephen Jay Gould, the late Harvard evolutionary biologist. Jay Gould, born in Roxbury, financed the construction of this church, which was finished two years after he died.

Eastern facade faces Main Street (Route 30).

Southern facade faces a driveway.

Western facade, faces the rear parking lot.

The carriage house. Was it also designed by Hardenbergh?

Jay Gould Memorial Reformed Church.