Great Architects of New York: Henry J. Hardenbergh
St. John's Episcopal Church
365 Lafayette Avenue
Palmerton, Pa. 18071
Lafayette Avenue between 3rd & 4th Streets, north side, across from Palmerton Borough Park.
Episcopal church
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Church's official history

This warm brown stone church was financed by Stephen S. Palmer, president of the New Jersey Zinc Co., who liked it so much he would later commission Hardenbergh to finance the Palmer Physical Laboratory (now the Frist Center) at Princeton University, and the old Palmer Stadium there, demolished in 1998. The town itself was also named after Palmer. The New Jersey Zinc Co. built a zinc smelting facility in the town in 1898. This church is very representative of Hardenbergh's work of the period. Compare, in particular, the F.P. Olcott Building.

Thanks to John Park for e-mailing in and alerting me to the existence of this building.

View of the front from the southwest. Unfortunately, the wide angle lense, which I used to capture as much of the building as possible, makes the tower appear to be leaning.

The front from the southeast.

The east side facade in afternoon shadow.

The rear or north of the building.

The rear of the building from the northwest showing better detail of the buttresses.

A detail of the main tower.