Great Architects of New York: Henry J. Hardenbergh
Trinity Church Summer Chapel
914 York Street
York Harbor, Me. 03911
West corner, York Street & Woodbridge Road
Episcopal church summer chapel.

This is an summer chapel in York Harbor, Me., which I have not yet had the pleasure of visiting. Many thanks to Richard S. Jackson Jr. for bringing this to my attention and Ala H. Reid for contributing the photographs. One of the original trustees of this church was a founder of the Dominick & Haff Company, which could very well explain how Hardenbergh received this commission. This is Hardenbergh's only foray into tudor-style half-timbering that I have identified so far. Note the similarities to Hardenbergh's other stone churches: Jay Gould Memorial Reformed Church in Roxbury, N.Y. and St. John's Episcopal Church in Palmerton, Pa.: a crenelated parapet atop a heavy and solid stone tower -- in other words, it looks like a castle. In this case, hand-laid irregular gray field stones create an elegant New England facade.

Chapel overview. Photo by Ala H. Reid.

Detail of the door. Photo by Ala H. Reid.